How to Find Food within 30 Minutes

I always can’t reject the temptation of delicious food. And the first thing I do is to find the food districts when I come to a town for the first time.I have my own secret to find the best food in a town within 30 minutes.
1.Online Searching
When I am about to travel to a new town, I will try to find some information online, just searching with some search engines, in China, and outside of China. I don’t search the ” best food” or “restaurants”, while I try to find some local websites which introduce this town. You know, you can get more knowledge on this town from that kind of websites. There are always detailed introduction of sceneries, hotels,bus lines, restaurants and some hot districts. If God helps you, you may find some links of groups on variable topics, usually you can find the delicious food group! So just visit the webpage of this group, and all the information you need would come into your eyes! Write down the information and tips, then you can set out for the expectant trip!
2. Chat with Taxi Drivers
When arrive at the town, just take a taxi to the hotel. This is an important chance to get more detailed information, and don’t waste this good chance. Taxi drivers are always familiar with this town, even some corners. Feel free to ask them questions on restaurants and delicious food in this town. Usually,most of the drivers are warm-hearted and would provide you many useful tips!
3. Talk with room servers in hotel
After the chat with drivers, you may be more clear about the food and restaurants of this town. Then you arrive at the hotel, and don’t hesitate to have a talk with room servers. When you get some good advices from them, it is time for you to make a decision. Take a bath, and have a rest. Then it’s time for you to see the delicious food! Take a bus or taxi, and go directly to the districts full of best food!
I always use this three steps to find best food, and it does work! Certainly, if you have some good friends in this town, you need not do so many work. just ask them to take you there.

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