How to Grill a Great Steak

Many labor under the false impression anyone can handle a grill. Some even fail to realize a good grill is essential to a quality product. As a result, we have all experienced the leather steak, the rubber steak, and the raw steak.

What most grill-eager fans fail to realize is grilling is like any other form of cooking. To produce a perfect result you must have the proper ingredients, a quality recipe, and the right tools. Fortunately, these are all readily available. So next time you crave an incredible, melt-in-your mouth steak, skip the steak house and prepare your own.


While it is possible to produce a great steak on a charcoal grills, most people find gas grills easier to use. You do not have to own an expensive grill, but you must be able to control some basics.

You do not cook on an fickle stove. You cannot grill well on an unreliable grill. Your grill must have a thermometer in the lid. It must be able to reach and maintain a 350 degree temperature.

Flare-ups create charred meat, which is unhealthy. They also dramatically change your cooking temperature, resulting in unevenly cooked or burned food. However, they can be prevented if you keep your grill clean and remove the heat plates which cover the flames. While in theory heat plates prevent flare-ups, they can catch and hold dripping fat, increasing flair-up probability.


To grill a great steak you must start with excellent ingredients. Each cut has unique qualities and cooking requirements. The T-Bone. The Filet Mignon. The Sirlion. The Rib. Each cut features various attributes – marbling, bone-in or bone-out, leanness, tenderness.

Most cooks realize you cannot prepare an Angle Food cake in the same manner as a Devil’s Food. The same applies for steaks. However, the recipe below will work for Rib, T-Bone, or Sirloin Steak. You must increase your cooking time for a similar-sized Filet Mignon.

Pick a one pound, hand-cut, one-inch thick steak. While choice’ guarantees you the highest quality cut, select’ is a fine option for well-marbled steaks.

This larger, thicker, cut is key to avoiding the leather or rubber steak experience. Whether you cut your own or have your butcher prepare it, leave the fat attached.


Seasoning options are varied and individual. Like a quality recipe, however, some seasoning have risen to the top in taste tests. Lawry’s Seasoning Salt and Montreal Steak Seasoning are two common favorites. Furthermore, seasoning your meat before grilling is the best method if you want the flavor to penetrate the meat.

Preheat your grill to 350 degrees. Season your thick, nicely marbled, steak. Prepare to focus on grilling for the next few minutes.

Time and temperature are key. Keep an eye on both. Place your steak on your preheated grill and close the lid. Put 16 minutes on your kitchen timer.

After four minutes, return to your grill, heavy metal spatula in hand. (Piercing the meat with a fork allows juices to escape escalating flare-ups.) Is your grill temperature staying close to 350 degrees? If not, adjust your burners.

Flip your steak and close the lid. Wait another four minutes. Rotate your steak 90 degrees and close the lid. Keep an eye on the temperature! Wait another four minutes. Flip your steak and close the lid.

If you keep your grill temperature close to 350 degrees, use a thick approximately one pound Rib, Sirlion, or T-Bone steak, avoid flare-ups, avoid hot and cold spots, and keep the grill lid closed, in 16 minutes you will have a tasty, juicy flavor-filled medium-rare steak.

Using time and temperature, it is easy to adjust your steak’s doneness level. If you want it rare, drop 3 minutes. If you want it medium, add 3. If you want it medium-well, add 4 or 5. If you want it well done, add 6.

Before you grab the steak sauce, take a bite. You may find you have just created the best steak you have ever tasted. In fact, steak sauce is to a properly prepared steak what ketchup is to a properly prepare cake – an unwanted addition!

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