How to Make Healthy Tacos at Home

How to make healthy tacos at home

Mexican fare like tacos and burritos are incredibly popular cuisine, but often have a reputation of being less than healthy food choices. Many traditional dishes served in Mexican restaurants are full of notoriously unhealthy ingredients like cheese, sour cream and refried beans. While these make for delicious meals, they are not necessarily healthy choices for people who are watching what they eat or are on a diet of some kind. For this reason, many people instead choose to make these items at home to create both healthy and delicious meals right in their own kitchens. It is possible to make healthy tacos and other traditional Mexican fare without worry about cheating on your diet. Here are some ways you can make healthy tacos at home.

Make healthy choices

The simplest way to make healthy tacos at home is to eliminate the notoriously unhealthy ingredients from your meal.  For example, ground beef and red meat in general is notoriously high in fat and should typically be eaten only occasionally. Great substitutes for putting beef in your tacos are leaner meats like chicken, turkey breasts or even bison meat. While bison might not be a traditional choice, it is a very lean meat that can taste similar to beef without the guilt or fat content. Try selecting proteins for your tacos that are lean and lower in fat for a healthy substitute. Other healthy items to include are onions and red, yellow, orange or green peppers, tomatoes, and shredded lettuce as a garnish. These vegetables are great for you from a health perspective and also provide plenty of fiber and nutrition. Another great choice is to make your tacos with soft shells made from whole wheat instead of white flour soft tortillas or hard taco shells, which are higher in calories and have less nutritional value.

Think about portion sizes

When dining out, the portions for dishes like tacos can be very large which often leads to over eating. To combat this problem when making this dish at home, try using smaller soft taco shells instead of the larger sizes. This will mean you eat less food for your meal and help you enjoy your healthy meal. Stick to a few small soft whole wheat taco shells and don’t be tempted to eat more. It is possible to enjoy your favorite Mexican dish like tacos at home without derailing your healthy diet goals. Make good choices and stick to small portions for a delicious and healthy meal.