Diet struggles for cardio patients

As part of my baby’s ongoing cardio issues, he must eat a heart healthy diet similar to a diet that a person with high cholesterol issues might need. This might not seem like a big issue since he is a baby and I have the opportunity to introduce only healthy, heart conscious foods to him. However, I also have two older children, one who is nearly an adolescent. And they want to enjoy all the foods that older children in our society like: French fries, chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers, Coke, potato chips, ice cream. The list could go on forever. It also happens that Devon enjoys a particular set of foods and wants to eat them over and over again. He currently favors vanilla yogurt and pumpkin bread. He will abandon these items only when he hears the rustling of a candy bar wrapper or spies a fast food bag.

The daily struggle to ensure a healthy intake for him is sometimes wearing. I am hoping that his tastes will expand to include more proteins and fewer saturated fats. If anybody has a suggestion, I am always open for advice.